The Bushcraft Show 2015 Feedback

The Bushcraft Show 2015 Feedback

In the words of Colonel Blashford-Snell OBE “This is a marvellous show”, while Les Hiddins, also known as The Bush Tucker Man; said “It’s absolutely fascinating because there is so much diversity”.

The Bushcraft Show 2015 has got to be one of the best shows to date and your feedback has certainly proved that, a selection of which is printed below. So what made The Bushcraft Show 2015 a success? Well for one, the weather certainly helped! It has to be said that dry skies make for a better camping experience, the opportunity to socialise, sitting out by the campfire, talking and relaxing under the stars!

The new location, set in the heart of The National Forest, surrounded by lakes and woodland without a house in sight made for what can only be described as a breathtaking environment. In addition to its beauty, the setting created a journey through the show, with a number of avenues and areas to explore, be it the camping fields, the showground, the Horseshoe Lake, or the numerous woodland walks.


The Bushcraft Show 2015 had visitors and guest speakers from around the world, Tim Gent who ran the Canoe Camping Clinic said, “It was fascinating to meet so many leading bushcraft exponents, not only from the UK, but from overseas.  Our little camp had visitors from Sweden, Finland, France, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Ireland and Italy, and these are just the countries I recall.”

Each year, The Bushcraft Show brings an impressive line-up of bushcraft and survival experts from around the world that cannot be found at any other event. Event organiser, Simon Ellar says, “Despite all the hard work that goes into The Bushcraft Show, it is such a rewarding experience to know that you have created an event that brings so much pleasure to so many, that the investment of bringing together key people from around the world who have influenced this industry, who folks might never otherwise meet, is quite moving. Watching people meet the people who inspired them to get into bushcraft from decades ago, and meeting people whose inspiration came from picking up a copy of Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine, makes it all worth while.

The Bushcraft Show 2015 Line-up


At this year’s show, we had, all the way from Australia – Major Les Hiddins, aka the ‘Bush Tucker Man’ sharing his love of the Australian bush and his skills and experience. John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman, author of The SAS Survival Handbook, wouldn’t have missed coming to The Bushcraft Show for the fifth year running! There was the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and walk with a wolf hybrid pack. Andrew Price, ITV’s Coast & Country Presenter, owner of Dryad Bushcraft and experienced practitioner of a wide range of outdoor pursuits spoke to a large audience of visitors. We also had one of the world’s most renowned and highly respected explorers, Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE, former British Army Officer, explorer and author sharing his adventures and expedition advice. Tracking Expert Perry McGee, son of the late Eddie McGee author of No Need to Die, taught essential tracking skills. Joppe Ranta, Finnish Outdoors TV personality, writer for Finnish Outdoors Magazine – Retki and member of the Finnish Wilderness Skills Association was on hand to teach skills and share his knowledge.


Very few people have the skills to match Johan Skullman’s outdoor knowledge. As an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces, he has spent over 30 years in nature’s most unpredictable environments and climates and he came from Sweden to share his expertise. Dr Sarita Robinson, Senior Lecturer at the School of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire spoke on the psychology of staying alive when civilisation collapses. Bushcraft Expert and owner of Woodland Ways, Jason Ingamells, delivered a talk about ‘Bushcraft in the UK’, looking at how it all began, where we are now, and predicting where we are heading… this proved to be a very popular talk.

If that was not enough you could experience numerous activities, demonstrations, talks and see a host of trade stands, specialist instructors and so much more… all in a wonderful setting, with like-minded folk. Whether you’re a bushcraft enthusiast, love the outdoors, or simply wanted to learn more about this fascinating topic, there was something for everyone!


You could try Open Canoeing, Archery, Axe Throwing, Campfire Cooking, Tracking, Firelighting, Military Survival Skills, Leatherwork, Whittling Sessions, Campfire Music, Wilderness First Aid, Wildlife Workshops, Expedition Preparation, Fishing, Rifle Shooting, Spoon Carving, Woodland Crafts, Field Archery, Birds of Prey, Woodland Games, Low Ropes Course, Pottery, Knife Safety classes and so much more! Add to this delicious locally sourced food, local ales, evening entertainment in the event tipis and an evening campfire surrounded by newfound friends and you are just beginning to feel what The Bushcraft Show had to offer.

Here’s what you thought of The Bushcraft Show 2015

Email Feedback

“What a venue! … I did enjoy the weekend more than any of the others (been to all five). Can’t we have two a year? A big thank you to The Bushcraft Show Team and especially to Linda, Clare and Tim who went out of their way to help me.”
Stuart Mansell aka Panama Stu

“Came on Sunday, amazed how busy it was, really enjoyed it, thanks again, looking forward to next year.”
David Frearson

“Just a note to say how much my wife and I enjoyed this year’s show. Great venue and hopefully the same place next year. We’ve already booked time off work for next year’s show (guessing it’s the bank holiday weekend again) and waiting for the tickets to be released.”
Karl Dale

Facebook Feedback

Glyn Ashton “Not enough time, not enough money, 1st show of this type and absolutely brilliant, awesome people in the truest meaning of the word.”

Matt Browne “Was a great show and loved the venue. Can’t wait for the next one. Was also great to meet the legendary Lofty Wiseman. Just reading his book now.”

Simon Hardie “Had a great weekend at The Bushcraft Show, really enjoyed myself. It was great to meet so many virtual friends in the flesh and make new ones. Nice to meet and listen to talks from Perry McGee, Jason Ingamells and Johan Skullman… Cheers everyone on the Craghoppers stand for the evening fun too. Thanks Simon Ellar too, it was my first one, you even got the weather about right!”

Scott James “A million times, thank you, from me and my parents!!!!!! Great…… absolutely everything!…  couldn’t be happier, and definitely get the Acoustic Journey lads back next year, best music of the show. See you next year, thanks guys!!!!”

Dave Huss “Thanks for yet another great show.”

Lin Keane “Thanks guys, the kids from St Leonard’s School had a great time again this year. They were absolutely shattered but very impressed with the organisation and activities.”

Lemur Loulou “We had a fantastic time at the show this year. We will be back next time.”

Shawn Riches “Been to the Bushcraft Show for the full weekend with a friend. What an experience, really enjoyed ourselves. Loads to do very nice atmosphere, everyone was very friendly which is always a bonus and the staff were very friendly and very helpful, thumbs up Bushcraft Show, can’t wait to book 2016 and after telling our stories of the show more friends want to come next year.”

Sue Aindow OC “What a fab weekend we had, see you next year.”

Will Moran “Back yesterday from a truly enjoyable show….Credit to Simon and the crew… Loved it to bits. Indeed, totally naffed off when it was over. For me and my ‘tribe’ of miscreants one hell of a successful event… Again, huge compliments to the organisers on this year’s show…”

Richard Collier “Anyone else got withdrawal symptoms!?!? I want go again NOW!”

Max Bridges “Thank you so much for the Bushcraft Show!!! Had a great day out it was bigger and better than ever!!!”

Matt Johnston “Superb show… Really inspiring talks, loads to see and do and learn. Such superb speakers. Cannot pick a favourite, but Jason Ingamells’ talk was inspiring, Lofty’s was entertaining, Sarita’s was educating, John Blashford was ‘Jolly Marvellous’, Sally was fascinating, Geoffrey Guy and Cath Prisk truly thought provoking and Primitive Living brilliant… Kids loved taking part in the second Woodland Ways cook off and proud of coming second. They now insist on cooking their own dinner in the garden; which is what it’s all about in the end.”

Eamonn Bias “Had a fantastic time at the show. My wife enjoyed her two walks with the wolves, and loved skinning the deer… Hope to attend next year, waiting for the details to be released.
The volunteers and staff were extremely polite and helpful, and made the weekend even better than we expected.

Paula Marie Holden “Absolutely super event once again! Well done to all, see you next year!”

Luca Sol “Honestly I can’t begin to describe how much fun I had at the show. I headed to the show alone but confident, walked to the information point the staff were extremely welcoming, happy, and cracking jokes with me as soon as I got there. Headed into the sea of tents looking for a spot to pitch up my lonely tent, was called over by a top bloke who recognised me from a bushcrafter group that I’m part of, had a great chat then went off to find a spot to pitch my tent up, finally got this done and got talking to the other bushcrafters around me, and I have to say I was amazed by how friendly everybody was and how welcoming the staff and other bushcrafters were.

The talks were extremely well balanced between what I’d class as more of a military kinda survival talks, mixed with very spiritual and peaceful talks. Amazing.

I generally feel Refreshed, I never realised how many bushcrafters there are in the UK. I really feel as I have made new long life friends. Thank you Bushcraft Show, and thank you to everyone who came!”


Septimus Spyder What a brilliant show ‪@BushcraftShow‬‬‬

Solar_bud Had a great time at @BushcraftShow

UKprepper Tired, worn out and well n truly Bushwhacked… What a great weekend at the @BushcraftShow Thanks everyone. A fantastic show.

DrCov999 Fabulous weekend @BushcraftShow inspiring, informative talks, beautiful venue and managed to bake my first loaf of bread in a Dutch oven!

David Willis Wow, fantastic weekend at The @BushcraftShow thank you, fab meeting many friendly folks & eating lovely bread.

Jo_Goodier Fantastic weekend @BushcraftShow Thank you to everyone! @PrimitiveTechUK, @outback2basics & Johan Skullman were particular highlights!

pizzaprinciples Stunning location @thebeehivefarm for @BushcraftShow this last weekend. Great setting, stunning scenery…
StonewoodDavie 800mile, 15 demos & loads of fun tired but satisfied can’t wait till next year folks @CraghoppersUK @BushcraftShow roll @Blackwolfcraig

Murfyrach0411 @BushcraftShow fabulous weekend had by all!!!

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