1948 Original Equipment

1948 Original Equipment has been conceived from experience, and a desire to shape the future. Many great explorers have made subtle modifications to their equipment to make tomorrow a little better. We are a specialist company that seeks out and provides original equipment for anyone interested in travel and the great outdoors.

A.R.C.Weld - Welders & Blacksmiths

ARC Weld makes tri-pods, fire pans, firelighting steels and many more items that are useful to the modern bushcrafter. All equipment supplied is tested and used on a regular basis by the 234 Scout group based in Birmingham.

Andrew Kirkham

Esteemed English Blacksmith, maker and co-designer of the Ray Mears folding trivet, Andrew displays his finest wares.

Army Sales

At Army Sales we stock a vast range of Genuine British Military Surplus kit and equipment. Whilst our Specialist Sector is Field Catering and Expedition Gear, we also cover a broad spectrum of items from Modern Military Surplus Clothing & Boots to Great Outdoor Pursuit & Camping Products.

BBQ4U & Hog Roasts - Graham Eyes High Class Butcher

bbq4u was founded and is run by a high class butcher. With over 30 years experience, Graham and his team know everything there is to know about catering giving our customers peace of mind as well as mind blowing food. The sight of a perfectly roasted hog giving off a mouth-watering aroma is an important aspect of any event. Our Free Range hog roast barm cakes are the best in the land.

Bean Pedaling

When it comes to quality, Bean Pedaling provides a variety of delicious coffees and hot drinks with rich textures and flavours. When it comes to atmosphere, Bean Pedaling has the gentleman’s vintage experience that compliments lots of different festivals and events. Lets face it, hundreds of people love coffee. Many of us are seeking something nostalgic to remind of us good times and yesteryear and Bean Pedaling coffee cart is the perfect setting.

Beaver Bushcraft Trading Post

Under the exclusive ‘Shark’ Logo, we make traditional leather belts, ‘Possible’ pouches, belt loops, knife, axe & folding saw sheaths, traditional drinking bottles and bespoke leather items.

We supply a comprehensive array of Bushcraft gear from traditional to modern Tinderboxes, to the very best Sharpening equipment available, including hi-tech Diamond Sharpening Whetstones and our exclusive honing ‘Black Strop’© range.

We will be demonstrating Fire Lighting and Sharpening Techniques all weekend, so pop over, restock your supplies and get your knives sharpened to ‘Razor Shark’ perfection.

Ben & Lois Orford

Ben and Lois Orford are based in Herefordshire. They both have a strong background in Woodland Crafts and use this knowledge and experience of the outdoors to create a selection of highly practical tools and leatherwork for the discerning bushcrafter.

Ben makes bespoke Bushcraft knives, Spoon knives and carving tools and Lois makes leather pouches, axe loops and covers, knife and saw sheaths. They are also experienced Green woodworkers and will be demonstrating these skills throughout the weekend. Please feel free to come over and have a chat.

Beneath The Stars – Leathercraft

We produce handmade leather items primarily for use in an outdoor environment, mainly bushcraft and Mora crook knife sheaths,
Gransfors axe and Bahco/Silky saw sheaths, carving bibs, belts & pouches, axe loops and danglers, strops, compass, whetstone & petrol lighter cases, patches, keyrings and knife blanks as well as firesteels & ferro rods & toggles and a range of jewellery items made from antler and exotic woods. We also stock hair barrettes, whistles, wallets, red deer antler, carabiners, glow sticks and rabbit skins and are also starting to develop a range of canvas goods such as axe and day bags and this year will be dedicating half our space to allow customers to stamp/emboss their own personal keyrings for a small charge… something that has proved very popular and the kids love doing!

Bluebells Ice Cream

Bluebells Ice cream is all homemade and handcrafted with great care and attention from the finest ingredients by Oliver Brown. We use only our own fresh milk which travels less than 20 metres from the milking parlour. The cows all graze on the fields surrounding Bluebells and are looked after and milked by Geoff Brown.

Bouverie Lodge Bison Farm

Here at Bouverie Lodge in Leicestershire, we rear all our own Bison & Deer, and have a herd of about 200 of each.  At this show we are cooking our wonderful burgers (ALL GLUTEN FREE) and in the evenings we will be serving Bison Chilli and Venison Stew.  A tase of something different, wholesome, healthy, nutricious and above all delicious.

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine

Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine is a valuable resource; enhancing your existing knowledge, teaching you new skills, answering your questions and keeping you up to date with courses and equipment suited to bushcraft use. Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine takes you on a bushcraft adventure even when you can’t get to the woods!

Bushcraft Tools

BUSHCRAFTTOOLS.COM will be exhibiting and demonstrating their latest Fire Piston. Unlike other Fire Pistons, their latest models is transparent allowing you to see what happens in that moment of compression. Visit their stand for a ‘hands-on’ demonstration on how to create fire by compressing air using a Fire Piston.

Camperccino Ltd

Camperccino Ltd is a family business catering for shows and events.  We provide a mobile barista coffee service, tea, hot chocolates and soft drinks.

We are coffee lovers and understand the importance a high quality beverage can make.  We use a 100% Columbian Arabica coffee bean sourced and roasted by a local company.  If coffee is not your drink try our tea. It’s a Ceylon blend and is provided by a specialist company in Yorkshire.

Canoe Trail

Welcome to Canoe Trail, the home of canoeing, kayaking and adventurous activities. We are an award winning family run business offering canoe, kayak and SUP rental and coaching on the beautiful River Great Ouse and trips and expeditions further afield. We have a riverside woodland campsite and provide a wide range of activities for corporate team building events, family adventures and groups. Our instructors and coaches have completed many iconic journeys to remote locations all over the world.


CenCoutts is a family run business trading in camouflage clothing for the last four years. Our passion for military clothing has driven our range, to stock genuine military surplus or source high quality after-market designs maintaining the integrity of the pattern. Blend In To Stand Out.

Clansman Fire

Clansman Fire are a group of fire performers based in Edinburgh, whose performances are influenced by Scottish Culture and History. They use a variety of fire props including poi, fans and charcoal based effect props to deliver highly energetic and spectacular performances.

Coastal Survival

The only UK Coastal Survival School providing survival & bushcraft courses – since 2008. Voted one of the best 52 weekend courses in the world! by Lonely Planets Magazine.
Courses and skill sets in the UK and expeditions abroad – Courses uniquely designed and led by Fraser Christian, one of the only UK outdoor instructor actually to have lived the outdoor life! The home of the Original Coastal Survival course.

DD Hammocks

DD Hammocks supply an exciting range of camping hammocks and tarps for use in conditions around the world. They will have a few hammocks up for folk to try out at the show and are looking forward to meeting everyone this weekend. Only exhibiting Saturday and Sunday.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is one of 47 local Trusts around the UK working to promote and protect local wildlife.

They are the only organisation in Derbyshire working to protect all wildlife across the whole county. They manage 42 nature reserves, including moorland, wetlands, woodlands and wildflower meadows.

They work with schools, local communities, local authorities, landowners and others to promote and protect the natural environment. They are a Registered Charity, supported by 14,000 members.

Dragon Fire by Steve Noble

Dragon Fire offers a variety of fire boxes, trivets and tripods along with an eclectic mix of vintage and refurbished lanterns, burners, enamelware, deck chairs and leather pouches.

Many items are derived from scrap, re-cycled and up-cycled wherever possible.  This approach means that many items will be bespoke one offs.

Come and have a browse, if you don’t see what you want, let us know for a bespoke solution. We look forward to meeting you.

English Handmade Knives

Readymade knives and all knifemaking components for Bushcraft work, Hunters, Fishermen and Collectors. All of our products are sourced from the UK, Scandinavia, America, Africa and Australia. There is no mass production line, just one pair of hands, treating each knife and sheath as pieces of living and working art.

FACEstival Tent

Come and get festive at the FACEstival Tent. You could get a bit of extra sparkle into your life with some glitter makeup and hair, or turn into your favourite animal and character with face paints or you could be even more adventitious and get some henna art work designed onto your skin. 100% natural henna paste home made to ensure quality.

Bryony Bradford is a trainee special effects makeup artist who has had experience with the BBC. Her work ranges from glam to gore and much more… check her out at the First Aid Demonstration and FACEstival tent.

Get a stunning mendhi design temporarily applied to the hand, arm or foot. Using 100% natural organic henna paste hand made to ensure quality. The artist will apply the paste onto the skin that will leave a beautiful brown/orange stain following the design that lasts up to 2 weeks. For a less permanent design white henna is available which lasts 1 day. Along with glitter paste to brighten up any design. Aftercare included.

Designs from £3

Get in the festival spirit with some stunning glitter designs on the face or even in your hair! The chunky glitter comes in many different colours to suit you and is skin safe. For all ages. Designs start from £5

Faversham Fudge

Faversham Fudge are pleased to attend The Bushcraft Show again this year to service all the great clients from last year along with new visitors that will enjoy a marvellous time, learning skills to look after themselves in the natural world. To this end, besides the fudge, we will demonstrate, fire lighting, make tea with a Gillie Kettle, Spoon carving using a shaving horse, plus the sale of items that a bushman may well use.

Finn-Savotta Oy

Finn-Savotta Oy is family-owned company, established in 1955. Savotta is a manufacturer of carrying and accommodation systems for consumers and official users, like Finnish Defence Forces and Red Cross. Finn- Savotta is one of the best known outdoor brands in Finland and has a reputation as a manufacturer of a long lasting and robust backpacks, rucksacks and tents for tough conditions. We make our products, like you were making it for yourself – To last.


In 1960, Åke Nordin founded Fjӓllrӓven in his basement in the Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik. From its very first innovative framed backpacks and lightweight outdoor jackets, Fjӓllrӓven has stayed true to its original mission of making it easier for more people to enjoy and stay comfortable in the great outdoors.  Backed by its impressive heritage, the company has continued to grow and develop and its clothing and equipment is now popular with outdoor and bushcraft enthusiasts all around the world.

Every Fjӓllrӓven product is characterised by its functional, durable and timeless design and the company is best known for its durable and adaptable G-1000® fabric. A hardwearing blend of polyester and cotton, the fabric is incredibly practical for life outdoors and offers protection from sun, wind, light rain, insects and rough undergrowth. The robust fabric can also be adapted to suit the conditions with Fjӓllrӓven’s natural Greenland Wax.

French Connection

French Connection caterers serve sweet and savoury crepes, including a variety of vegetarian options too. We also serve hot bacon and sausage baguettes, all with tasty extras and a wide range of cold filled baguettes. Our freshly cooked food is complimented by a selection of hot and cold drinks and a variety of homemade cakes.

Frontier Bushcraft

Frontier Bushcraft provides a range of bushcraft courses from a one-day foundation to week-long full-immersion courses to multi-week wilderness expeditions.

Even though many of our bushcraft training courses take place in easily-accessible country areas, the emphasis is very much on training you in bushcraft skills that will back you up in wild country. No matter whether you intend to use your skills in your local woods or further abroad, the bushcraft skills we teach are relevant and tested in the real world.

Paul Kirtley heads up the Frontier Bushcraft instructional team but all of our course leaders have experience of applying their skills, knowledge and judgement in wild places. This brings a level of experience and realism to our training that is hard to find elsewhere.

Not only that, because we run expeditions in wild and remote parts of the world, we often come into contact with people who use bushcraft as a major part of their daily lives. This informs our practice closer to home.

We bring to our UK-based bushcraft courses a sensibility, practicality and philosophy of using these skills for real, of living by them and depending upon them.

We encourage confidence and self-reliance as part of your outdoors mindset.  Our aim is to share bushcraft skills with you in a way that is realistic, pragmatic, without romantic embellishment and extremely practical.

Fudge's Traditional Applejack

Applejack, almost as ancient as cider itself! Throughout history, cider makers would leave a barrel of cider out for ‘Jack Frost’ to freeze and remove the ice, leaving, for some reason, strong liquor behind. The process became known as ‘jacking’ and was how strong liquor was made before we discovered distillation. The product became known as ‘Applejack’.


Established in 2009 By an ex-soldier of 16 years with a wide range of military experience and knowledge. worked and trained alongside special forces on operations home and abroad. Now a dedicated reserve soldier and business owner. G4 Echelon can offer and provide expert advise and knowledge on kit and equipment required for all types of adventurous activities.

Giles Newman Wood Carving

Giles Newman is a nature inspired wood carver creating one-off, unique pieces of usable art, from wooden spoons to jewellery. With only an axe and knives, and using traditional woodcraft techniques, each piece is lovingly and individually hand crafted from wind-fallen, foraged and sustainably sourced wood.


Gourangaoo sell a wide range of handcrafted clothing and knitwear from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, which is crafted by artisans in the Kathmandu Valley using the finest quality fabrics and wool. They regularly visit their suppliers to ensure the very best working conditions and above average wages for all employees. They Pride themselves on the Quality of their garments and hope you will appreciate the natural beauty of each individual creation too!

Green Man Knives

Tim Chilcott comes to knife making at Green Man Knives after a 25 year career as a master silversmith binging his meticulous eye for detail to his work making fine cutting tools and their sheathes. Knives for bushcraft, game preparation, wood carving and cooking are all part of his repertoire.

Green Outdoor Ltd

Eco-friendly tents, tipi, tarps and shelters.

Dedicated to bringing you beautiful, top quality outdoor products made using the most environmentally friendly processes and materials available.

Hare and Tabor

Hare and Tabor produces t shirts, cards and other products celebrating folklore, nature, traditions and history.  Many of the designs are based on old woodcuts and book illustrations and have a history and story behind them, which we like to pass on in the detailed descriptions.  In this way, we also hope to make the experience of visiting our stall educational.

IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group

The Bushcraft PPG was founded over ten years ago with the aim of promoting best practice in a growing industry. Our main aim was to ensure practitioners delivering short, half day sessions of bushcraft skills, were sufficiently competent to deliver those sessions safely. To achieve this we developed the Bushcraft Competency Certificate, which assesses a practitioners ability in a range of bushcraft skills. We also developed a series of workshops where PPG members, IOL members, and all comers can learn new skills and competencies.

Lee Valley Almost Wild Campsite, Broxbourne

Get back to nature this rugged, natural, 17 pitch almost wild campsite which is nestled amongst mature woodland and grassy glade. With none of the trappings of more commercial campsites you’ll be able camp out under the stars, hang a hammock from the trees and light an open fire in one of the fire pits provided. Solar powered, motion sensor lights limit light pollution, composting toilets and cold water tap complete this unadorned campsite to ensure that you get that truly wild camping experience.

MilitaryMart – Hoods (UK)

The Home of Army Surplus.
We at MilitaryMart specialise in Ex Army surplus kit from all over the world, we source suppliers and buy direct cutting the cost to you the customer… Not only do we sell Military Surplus we have a large complement of outdoor pursuits and camping equipment. We usually hold large stocks of Swedish trangia’s, reindeer hides, scandanivan rucksacks, military clothing and much much more……………


We’ve been part of the Swedish handicraft tradition since 1891. For more than 125 years we’ve manufactured knives for all kinds of people. For craftsmen always on the look out for their next building project, for scouts who are always ready, for nature lovers who long for peace and quiet.

A Morakniv knife is always made in Mora, and each knife that leaves our factory holds the traditions and knowledge that we’ve gained over the years. And each knife is made to the highest quality so you can rest assured that your Morakniv knife is always there for you. It also holds those cherished memories of childhood adventures, and your hopes of memories still to be made. That’s why Morakniv is always a part of you. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Nearly Wild Camping

We are a growing network of locations willing to host campers who are looking for a wilder, secluded or quieter camping experience. Bringing together ambassadors for the countryside, heritage and wildlife, with those seeking to explore and learn through informal fun. We are a co-operative working together for everyone’s benefit.

Nordic Outdoor

Nordic Outdoor are based in the heart of central Scotland and are passionate about the outdoors. Nordic Outdoor are the U.K. importers and stockists of many Scandinavian brands including Gränsfors Bruks Axes, Tentipi Tents, Mora Knives, Aclima, Fjallraven, Lundhags and of course, Light My Fire. Check us out For the very best in Scandinavian outdoor clothing and equipment.

Olive's Tea Room

A new local family-run business, serving our customers with a friendly smile. Providing freshly made sandwiches & rolls, delicious pastries & a selection of spoilt for choice cakes, pastries and gateaux. Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and a selection of bottled pop and water. All our produce is sourced locally, giving you the best scrummy lunch. Offering an eat-in service for those who need a break and also takeaway service for those who still have the energy!

Oregano Kitchen Pizza Alfresco

Oregano Kitchen is a mobile, artisan wood-fired pizza company.

Our Neapolitan style pizzas are handmade and made to order by us while you wait, from only the finest and freshest ingredients.

For the perfect Italian taste, a pizza has to be cooked in a wood fired oven – providing a unique and delicious flavour. Cooked in a few minutes at 400C in our custom built clay oven.

We have Vegan, Veggie, and Gluten-Free options available.


Outback2basics deliver hands-on Stone Age history sessions for schools around the country, bringing the Stone Age alive with an interactive timeline and practical workshops. We have lived as Stone Age people in the Wilds of America with no modern equipment roaming the wilderness as true nomadic hunter gatherers and use our own stories to teach these skills. We use the woodlands as an outdoor classroom inspiring people to be outside through primitive skills and Bushcraft programmes.


Outhaus produces high quality dependable outdoor equipment including canvas swags, vehicle awnings and hammocks.

Preppers Shop UK

Preppers Shop UK is the UK’s only preppers shop specialising in survival and emergency preparedness. We have a huge range of products from NBC, Water purification, Bug out bags etc. Check us out at The Bushcraft Show and every emergency need.

Pyrocrafts Canterbury - Mobile Hands-On-Craft Stall

Experience hands-on-crafts and create unique items to take home with Pyrocraft Canterbury. Learn the art of pyrography and paracording with our bespoke workshops. Make one-off personalised objects such as wooden pendants, bullroarers, bracelets and key fobs. You can even design and make your own driftwood and shell light-catcher.

RiverLife Yoga

Connect to your true nature and the nature surrounding you with RiverLife Yoga.

RiverLife Yoga will be visiting The Bushcraft Show for the first time. We will be introducing Akhanda Yoga which offers a moderate sequence of the most familiar and accessible postures and breathing techniques. It can be enjoyed by both beginning and continuing students. The classes introduce the basic principles of alignment, breath, sound, yogic thought and relaxation. You will come away with tools to help you move with greater ease, and use breath both to uplift and calm your whole system. The theme of the class will be a connection with nature and the outdoors and will give you skills to better your wilderness zone in’s and sit spots. It will even improve your fieldcraft and the way you move through the woods.

RJ Bushcraft

Scotlands first dedicated bushcraft shop, RJ Bushcraft is much more than a retail outlet, we are part of the foundations of the Scottish bushcraft community. We make the outdoors financially accessible to everyone.


The RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment. They rely upon memberships and donations to fund our work. Nature is amazing – help us keep it that way.

Septimus Spyder Drinks

We are a medieval brewhouse producing a range of soft drinks brewed from plants which include; Ginger Beer, Dandelion and Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Root Beer and Cream Soda.

Silverback Bushcraft

Silverback Bushcraft offer Bushcraft, Survival and First Aid training in the heart of Robin Hood country. They specialise in entry level to intermediate bushcraft courses, team building survival events and HSE approved outdoor first aid training. Join them at one of their three sites in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire for a wide range of courses to suit all levels including: Family days, navigation courses, one-to-one training and our ever popular bushcraft Birthday parties.


Established in 1973 Springfields have specialised in supplying camping and outdoor equipment both from their retail store and online, more recently the product range has seen a bias to bushcraft products For all your bushcraft requirements and more….


Brilliant British potatoes baked to perfection in a traditional Victorian Oven. They offer a variety of tasty toppings for everyone including all you veggies out there. It’s a healthy hearty meal to satisfy hungry campers and visitors.


At Surfanic, we create diverse lifestyle apparel blended with innovative technical elements using the finest fabrics and details to bridge the city and the outdoors. Born in 2003, Surfanic designs, produces and supplies lifestyle, outdoor and winter-sport garments blending functionality and fashion, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Surfanic are a small, rider-driven family built on innovation to provide beautifully technical garments to people who share our passion. This allows us to create Technical Apparel inspired by our experiences with the hopes our love will, in turn, inspire you.

Let’s Take it Outside.

Survival and Medical

Survival and Medical Services was established by Search and Rescue Winchman Ian Bonthrone and his wife Julie, a former Coast Guard, to provide advice training and equipment that is focussed on the Survival and Medical aspects of working, living and enjoying the wilderness.  Survival and Medical will have a range of Survival and Medical essentials for the wilderness adventurer

The Bushcraft Store

The Bushcraft Store prides itself on bringing customers the best and highest quality kit from around the World. With brands such as TBS Knives, Ridgeline, Fjallraven, 5.11, Petromax and much, much more we are sure you will find the product for you. 2017 will be a fantastic year as not only are we sponsoring the show again but our new, much larger High Street Store is well and truly open displaying all our quality brands and also includes a Tent / Basha display area.

The Identity Store

For people that make, mend or adapt things out of leather, The Identity Store supply everything you need for making knife sheaths, axe-head covers, flint knapping, strops and blade sharpening leathers, quivers, belts, pouches, moccasins and much more. Sustainable leathers, hardware, books, patterns, tools and best of all friendly advice. Come and see what we do.

The National Tracking School

The National Tracking School, founded by Perry McGee, offers a diverse range of professional tracking and survival services, courses, products and professional consultancy. With over 40 years experience in tracking and the survival industry, Perry, a former detective for 30 years, literally follows in the footsteps of his legendary father, Eddie McGee, and now offers everyone a chance to learn the skills and techniques of this fascinating subject.

The Stores

Specialists in Adult and Children’s Army Clothing, We aim to provide an excellent product at an affordable price to suit all budgets. We also supply a great range of knives and ex surplus equipment.

The Woodsmith's Store

Tools, books, devices and courses for traditional woodland craft and green woodworking. North-East based, Maurice will be on hand to offer his experience and advice of more than 20 years as a professional woodsman and green woodworker. See the finest greenwood tools, many hand-made from Swedish makers such as Gränsfors Bruks, Wetterlings, Svante Djarv and Hans Karlsson.

Tibor Eperjessy Leathercrafts

Tibor Eperjessy is a designer and creator of artisan leather goods. Every product is created and hand stitched in his Hampshire studio.

Tim Gent

Tim has been writing for outdoor magazines since the late 1980s, with work published in Britain, Europe, Canada, the US and Australia. He is a regular contributor to Bushcraft & Survivals Skills Magazine. Tim’s latest book, Canoe Camping, was published last December, and will be available from his lakeside camp.

Tippled Pink Spirits

Tippled Pink Spirits is a small batch artisan Producer of  Gin and Vodka, using only natural botanicals/ingredients. We are based in the heart of Sherwood Forest at Thoresby Courtyard where we stock other spirits for example Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Wine, Mead and local craft Beers.

Tollgate Brewery

Tollgate Brewery is a craft brewery operating on the National Trust’s Calke Abbey Estate in South Derbyshire. In 18th century converted farm buildings we brew a range of beers and ale in the traditional manner – by hand, using the finest ingredients and with love.

In our 6 Barrel capacity plant we use English malts and hops from around the world to produce beers with real flavour but with a light touch. We use water, barley, wheat and yeast and nothing else, other than a great deal of care and attention, to create our beers.

We love brewing beer and we hope you enjoy drinking it, Responsibly.

Trauma Survival Kits

Trauma Survival Kits offer top quality tactical, combat, and wilderness medical products, at extremely affordable prices. We offer a wide range of Dry & Wet  Emergency & Military rations. Our bug out bags are the perfect blend of quality and price. Every item we use is from a reputable name brand company that stands behind their products. Celox, Blizzard Survival, Steroplast, Medtree, ( 5.11 Tactical ) Prometheus Medical  Beyond the Beaten Track.

Under Our Wing

Reformed in July 2016 with the new name of Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary, we a a Derby based Parrot and Owl rescue that offers a ‘home for life’ to pet birds. We have been taking in parrots since 2005 and owls since 2011.

The Bushcraft Show will give you the opportunity to get close to two of this countries favourite native owls, namely the Barn owl and Tawny owl.

Unlimited Events

Unlimited Events offers a whole range of activities and Experience Days for Stag and Hen Parties, Corporate Events and Birthdays, from Axe throwing, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Rally Driving, Go-Karting and much more! With venues throughout the UK and abroad, we will be able offer you an outstanding experience.

Will Lord Prehistoric Experiences

Will Lord Prehistoric Experiences offers services to museums, schools and various communities such as archeological and bushcraft markets. Will is regarded by many as a leading expert of experience and knowledge in ancient survival techniques, commonly termed as Primitive Technology. This is brought to life for his clients through a range of courses and experiences he offers, such as Flint Knapping, Hide Tanning, Bow Making and skill based experiences such as the 5 day Hunter Gatherer Course.

Woodland Bushcraft & Survival

Affordable bushcraft for all.
We supply a large range of handmade paracord products and kits to make your own bracelets. As well as a range of fire starters, knives, axes and saws along the with a variety of handmade leather products. Additionally we have an array of bushcraft and camping items and literature.

Providing small woodlands for people like you is at our core; getting the right and affordable woodland for you to enjoy is our goal.

Woodland Survival Crafts Ltd

Woodland Survival Crafts has been trading since 1995 and is one of the longest established providers of quality training in bushcraft. At The Bushcraft Show you will be able to get involved in string making as well as getting some tuition in friction firelighting. I will be selling hand made wooden whistles as well as bow and hand drill sets.

Woodland Trust

Our vision is a UK rich in woods and trees, enjoyed and valued by everyone. We aim to create new native woodland with the help of communities, schools, organisations and individuals. We try to protect our precious ancient woods, restore the ones that are damaged and fight for those under threat. We do this by inspiring people up and down the country to visit woods, plant trees, and enjoy the many benefits that woodland has to offer.

Woodland Ways

Woodland Ways have become established as The Authoritative voice in Award Winning Wilderness Bushcraft & Survival Courses. Offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of Bushcraft & Survival training courses available, both in the United Kingdom and overseas, covering the whole spectrum of skills from the basics up to advanced levels. First and foremost a family run business, these skills are passed on to you by a core team of full time permanent instructors. Not in the business of ego, Woodland Ways are here to deliver you the highest level of instruction, from a team of the most professional experienced instructors, to enable YOU to learn Wilderness Bushcraft Skills. Our courses operate 7 days a week, through all seasons, we are truly full time.

Woodlife Trails

Woodlife Trails is the UK’s premier tracking school and was established to provide unique nature-based courses and sessions introducing and immersing participants into our woodlands and forests. Our aim is to start and guide you on a journey of self-discovery through the woodland, heightening your awareness and enabling you to appreciate and get closer to its inhabitants by using a combination of bushcraft, tracking and field craft, techniques. Visit us at our stand. are sole UK importers of Sherpa X technical socks. Blending natural and synthetic fibres with cutting edge design and multilayer technology, Sherpa X have set the benchmark for performance hiking and mountaineering socks. Whether you are walking in your local hills and woodlands, hiking up Munros in Scotland, multi day trekking, skiing in Chamonix or winter climbing on Ben Nevis, we have socks that will keep you comfortable and help you go further.