Step-by-step Sharpening Demonstration

by Mark Hordon

Come and see Mark Hordon take you through an array of sharpening techniques, looking at each stage to achieve the best results. Bring along your own knife for great tips and advice on how-to to restore your knife’s blade to be better than new! Demonstrations are running daily from 11am.

Bow-drill Demonstration

By Dave Watson

Dave Watson will be showing you how to make a good bow-drill set as well as how to work it efficiently. Time will be spent looking at some of the many details that can make such a difference to your success rate and therefore confidence.

An Introduction to Leatherwork

By Lois Orford

Lois Orford will introduce you to the craft of leatherwork, showing you the tools and techniques required to either repair or make your own bushcraft items.

How to Carve a Spoon

By Ben Orford

Ben Orford will show you how to take the raw material and with the use of hand tools transform it into a functional and beautiful spoon. Ben will show you some safe techniques to help you get great results and be safe along the way.

Hand-drill Demonstration

By Dave Watson

Dave Watson will be showing you how to use a hand-drill firelighting set effectively, as well as giving you some top tips on how to make it happen. In addition, he shares at least one of the variations of this well-known but often little understood method.

Sharpening Bushcraft Tools

By Ben Orford

Come and see some simply explained techniques to demystify the art of sharpening. Ben Orford will talk you through, from start to finish, how to get your knife ‘hair popping’ sharp!

Field-Craft Skills – Getting Close to Wildlife

With Woodlife Trails

Woodlife Trails staff will explain how to get closer to wildlife than you ever thought possible by using a mixture of tracking, field-craft and surveillance techniques.

Track and sign Identification and Interpretation

With Woodlife Trails

Woodlife Trails staff will explain the basics of track and sign identification and take you for a walk around the local area identifying some of these tracks and signs. We will also help you to interpret them.

Firelighting by Friction

With Woodlife Trails

If you’ve ever wanted to learn this technique which remains elusive to most, come and see how easy it is with our bow-drill technique. We will also suggest easier methods to light your fire.

How to handle a Mocotaugan (Indian Crook Knife)

With Ben Orford

Ben Orford will talk you through the fantastic tool that is the Mocotaugan. He will demonstrate how to fit your own handle to a blade and then how to use the tool.

Learn How-to Make String Using Natural Materials

With Dave Watson

How would you like to be able to grasp a nettle and turn it into some strong cord that you can use to make yourself a bracelet, necklace, lanyard or loop for your favourite bit of kit. Dave Watson will show you how to make nettle cordage and show you examples of cord made from many of the trees and plants you see around you.

Bread Baking Workshop

With David Willis

Do you fancy some freshly baked bread?

Learn how to make bannock over a campfire, bake a loaf of bread in a Dutch oven or cook dough twists on a stick. Make an improvised oven and bake bread in a cooking pan or even a steel mug! Join David for a bread baking workshop where 6 people, couples or small family units can get involved, anyone else can ‘watch and learn’ you will be learning recipes, making dough, receiving campfire tips and we will be baking fresh bread for you to try! Please book at his stand.

With BG Craghoppers in association Stonewood Survival and Bushcraft School

Big Game Preparation

It is one thing gutting a fish or preparing a rabbit but what do you do with larger game? Take the majestic deer for instance, come along to the BG Craghoppers stand and Stonewood Survival and Bushcraft will guide you through not only the butchery, but the entire use of the animal and its part in our evolution and lifestyle through the ages. Come along and have your questions answered and try some hands on big game preparation using modern and Stone Age methods.

Bushcraft Bargains

With Bushcraft Bargains

Make some extra cash at The Bushcraft Show and bring along your surplus bushcraft gear to sell at the Bring and Buy Meeting Point. All you need to do, is bring along your unwanted kit, with a tarp or plastic sheet to lay it on, to Meeting Point C any day from 15:30 – 17:30 and ends 16:30 on Monday. You do the selling so that you can negotiate a deal and, you get to keep all the cash without paying any commission! Please note that this facility is strictly for visitors only and no traders selling new, display, used or surplus gear are permitted.