Free Hand Sharpening Demos

with Beaver Bushcraft

Beaver Bushcraft offer Free Hand Sharpening Demos throughout the day, start at 11.00 and finishing at 4.00 (3.00 on Monday).

The Beaver Bushcraft Trading Post brings about Helen & Mark’s love and their passion for recapturing the pioneering spirit of a bygone era. From their handmade leather goods, to tinderboxes, traditional fire steels and tinders to furs and free hand sharpening equipment, there is everything a budding pioneer needs for a great adventure.


Bow-drill Demonstration

By Dave Watson

Dave Watson will be showing you how to make a good bow-drill set as well as how to work it efficiently. Time will be spent looking at some of the many details that can make such a difference to your success rate and therefore confidence.


Bow Drill workshop 10.30am – 12.00pm – Booking Required!


An Introduction to Leatherwork

By Lois Orford

Lois Orford will introduce you to the craft of leatherwork, showing you the tools and techniques required to either repair or make your own bushcraft items.

Sunday 2pm
Monday 12pm


Fieldcraft Talk and Demonstration

With Woodlife Trails

Go to the Woodlife Trails stand and listen to Pablo’s dynamic talk and demo about the comparison between animal’s and human’s senses. Learn how-to translate this knowledge into field-craft skills so you can remain undetected when tracking and stalking the quarry in the British woodland.

11am daily.


Green Woodworking Demonstration

By Ben Orford

Ben Orford will show you how to take the raw material and with the use of hand tools transform it into a functional and useful product. Ben will show you some techniques to help you get great results and be safe along the way.

Saturday 1pm
Sunday 12pm
Monday 1pm


Hand-drill Demonstration

By Dave Watson

Dave Watson will be showing you how to use a hand-drill firelighting set effectively, as well as giving you some top tips on how to make it happen. In addition, he shares at least one of the variations of this well-known but often little understood method.


Hand Drill workshop 2pm – Booking Required!


Learn How-to Keep your Knives and Axes in Tip Top Condition

By Ben Orford

Come and see some simply explained techniques to demystify the art of sharpening. Ben Orford will talk you through, from start to finish, how to get your knife ‘hair popping’ sharp!

Saturday 4pm
Sunday 3pm
Monday 10.30am


Firelighting by Friction

With Woodlife Trails

If you’ve ever wanted to learn this technique which remains elusive to most, come and see how easy it is with our bow-drill technique. We will also suggest easier methods to light your fire.


Learn How-to Make String Using Natural Materials

With Dave Watson

How would you like to be able to grasp a nettle and turn it into some strong cord that you can use to make yourself a bracelet, necklace, lanyard or loop for your favourite bit of kit. Dave Watson will show you how to make nettle cordage and show you examples of cord made from many of the trees and plants you see around you.  You will be given the opportunity to make string using lime bark.

5pm (cost £1)


Bushcraft Bargains

With Bushcraft Bargains

Make some extra cash at The Bushcraft Show and bring along your surplus bushcraft gear to sell at the Bring and Buy Meeting Point. All you need to do, is bring along your unwanted kit, with a tarp or plastic sheet to lay it on. Go to The Bushcraft Bargains area any day and at anytime during trading hours. You do the selling so that you can negotiate a deal and, you get to keep all the cash without paying any commission! Please note that this facility is strictly for visitors only and no traders selling new, ex-display, used or surplus gear are permitted. To be fair to other traders this also include crafted items.


Learn Knife & Axe Sharpening Skills

With Tormek
Well-grounded in the Swedish tradition of innovation, functionality and quality – Tormek has developed a unique sharpening system for edge tools. The products are appreciated by cabinet makers, woodworkers, hunters as well as professional chefs and do-it-yourselfers.
At the Bushcraft Show 2018, we will be demonstrating knife and axe sharpening and show you how to get that razor-sharp edge.

Axe Skills & Safety Demonstration with Paul Kirtley

Frontier Bushcraft

Paul’s demonstration will cover axe techniques for camp life and wilderness expeditions, including choosing the right axe for the job, safety principles, safe cutting techniques, splitting with and without a chopping block, basic carving techniques and caring for your axe.


First Aid Demonstration with Special Effects Make-up - How to Treat a Deep Cut

With Martin Rollin & Bryon May Bradford

Always wandered how wounds in films look so real? Well come and check out how they’re done at the first aid demonstration where we won’t just show you how to patch up a wound but how to create one too with special effects makeup artist Bryony Bradford and first aid genius Martin Rollin.

Bryony Bradford is a trainee special effects makeup artist who has had experience on the BBC. Her work ranges from glam to gore and much more… check her out at the first aid demo and FACEstival tent.



First Aid Demonstration with Special Effects Make-up - How to Treat a Deep Cut

With Martin Rollin & Bryon May Bradford - How to Treat a Burn

Using speciaal effect makeup to show a serious burn, watch in awe as the burn is being constructed and then learn how-to treat it with expert medical advice.

Martin has been involved in outdoor activities since he first joined Cubs aged 8. After serving in the military and the prison service he started work in education spending the last 8 years teaching bushcraft in schools. Until recently he was Head of Outdoor Education for Lincolnshire Pupil Referral Units before making Silverback Bushcraft his full-time job.
He is a member of the National Executive of the Institute of Outdoor Learning’s Bushcraft Professional Practice Group and The Lead Verifier for their Level 1 and 2 accredited Bushcraft qualifications and a Forestry Commission Learning Partner
He is also a first aid at work, outdoor and paediatric First Aid Instructor

Viking Encampment

Visit the Vikings in their encampment at The Bushcraft Show and engage in a wide range of entertainment for all the family at the same time as learning about the Vikings and their now ancient history.  Share the in-depth knowledge provided by Brumvik, the Birmingham Vikings, who are part of The Vikings National Society.

Their tented village & Viking encampment will give hands on experience of life as a Viking and give you the opportunity to ask questions about the daily crafts which people of the Viking era are likely to have created. The encampment will share a range of crafts & displays such as bread making/food and drink of the time (not for public consumption), leather work, spinning, sewing, jewellery making and a communal fire area (fenced off from public).

There is also a Viking ‘have a go’ craft tent which offers card weaving and colouring bases for kids. If you’re brave enough, come along and watch one of the incredible battle reenactments!

The reenactment encampment with be authentic from 9.30am till 5pm

With a variety of re-enactment displays throughout the day, the encampment will mostly involve ‘show and tell’ demonstrations.

Main battle skirmishes will take place every day at:

11.15am till 12.00

3pm till 4pm

6pm till 7pm (not Monday)

Furniture Making Demonstration

by Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor, of Neil Taylor Furniture, will be demonstrating the creation of his wonderful furniture using the tools of his trade. He uses native Herefordshire hardwoods such as oak and ash for the seats and components and produces primitive style chairs with a contemporary feel. You can also see examples of his furniture. These can be purchased and commissions taken. He has received many commissions for his Welsh Stick furniture.


Firelighting Demonstration and Challenge for Kids

with RJ Bushcraft

Watch different firelighting techniques being demonstrated by the RJ Bushcraft team and then have a go yourself.

10am daily


Max 15 (book at the RJ Bushcraft Stand)


Catastrophic Bleed Management

with TSK Medical

Catastrophic Bleed Management is suited towards outdoor and remote activities, as well as workers within identified high risk industries such as Agricultural, Saw mills, Forestry, Tree surgery, Farming, Game

shooting, Gun clubs, Security and Construction etc, as well as for event medics and those with first aid or first responder qualifications that would like ‘bolt-on’ qualifications to enhance their skill set.

This seminar is styled to specifically deal with this trauma and will include:

  • How to use the right equipment and medical disposables that will stop catastrophic bleeding.
  • You will be shown the very same methods, of stopping the bleeding, using haemostatic dressings and a tourniquet, used by the military in battle .and they dont waste time!
  • Tourniquet training.The different types of tourniquets, what they can do and what they cant do. When to use a tourniquet and why use a tourniquet this can be the difference between life and death. 
  • Haemostatic dressings should be in every first aid kit where there is a risk of severe bleeding. What is an haemostatic dressing? What do they do that ordinary bandages don’t?

Train and practice now, because you will have to get it right if someone is seriously bleeding and the instructions dont make sense!


11am, 2pm and 4pm daily


DIY Hammocks and Tarps

with Richard Dalton

Display of DIY gathered end hammocks and tarps, showing how simple they are to make.

Richard will also be letting people try out lying in a hammock and will be there to chat about the whole Hammock and Tarp subject.

Richard says “I just want to show people that there’s no magic involved in making their own hammock, and how comfortable they can be.”

Sunday 10am to 5pm.



Knife Use and Wood Carving Demo

by The Bushcraft Store

Knife use best practices and care and a wood carving demo  – including something like a Mora and one of our own knives.

Knife practices will feature all the best practices when using this tool. It can be potentially very dangerous if mi-used and we will demonstrate the best practices to help keep you safe.- Our chief instructor will demonstrate spoon carving and you will have the chance to have a go under the supervision of a highly qualified instructor.

12.00 – 1.30pm daily



Firelighting Demo

by The Bushcraft Store

The Bushcraft Store’s head instructor will demonstrate friction fire then followed by some great tips and demonstrations with a firesteel. You will also get the chance to have a go under the supervision of a highly qualified instructor.

11.00 – 11.30am daily



Axe Demo

by The Bushcraft Store

This daily axe demo will feature all the best practices when using axes. It can be potentially very dangerous if misused so the best practices to help keep you safe will be demonstrated.

10.00 – 10.30am daily