Ed Stafford

Main Stage - Saturday 26th May @ 3pm

Ed Stafford walked into the history books when he became the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River. His epic adventure took two and a half years.  Everyone thought it was impossible and his achievement, as explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes put it, is ‘Truly extraordinary’.  Accolades quickly followed including a Guinness World Record and the prestigious award of European Adventurer of the Year.  Bear Grylls described Ed’s achievement as ‘One of the boldest jungle journeys ever undertaken.’

Ed Stafford is passionate about encouraging others. He is honest and real about the challenges he faced in the Amazon and his story has powerful lessons about motivation, challenge, developing resilience, assessing risk, respect for other cultures and, of course, staying positive when things are relentlessly tough. Ed’s style of delivery is entertaining with a large dollop of self-deprecating humour so his talk about walking the Amazon is guaranteed to astound, educate and entertain.

Photo credit: Keith Ducatel

Luke Soderling - We are Much Stronger than we Think

Main Stage - Sunday 27th May

In 2017 Luke was selected as a survivalist on the Discovery Channel’s new show, “The Wheel”. Luke survived alone in 6 locations in South America for over 60 days. With ingenuity, hard work and determination he excelled in the wild, building complex shelters with the materials available and hunting and fishing for survival. His drive and determination in wilderness survival is only overshadowed by the grit and determination he showed as he beating stage III thyroid cancer in 2013.

Luke Soderling is an experienced public speaker, with a dynamic and engaging style. This is a talk not to be missed!

Paul Kirtley - Real World Expeditioning with Bushcraft Skills

Main Stage - Sunday 27th May

Much of what we consider bushcraft today was tied to journeying in the past, whether it was seasonal migrations of native peoples, frontiersmen pushing into new territories or colonial powers employing expeditionary forces. Despite all the technology and materials available today, bushcraft still has a solid place in modern expeditioning in wild places. From lightweight backpacking to canoe tripping to winter camping by snowshoe and toboggan, bushcraft forms a solid backbone of practical skills for pretty much any environment you can think of. Further, there are psychological benefits of entering wild places with a strong base of bushcraft skills honed close to home. In his 2018 main stage presentation, Paul Kirtley explores and expands upon these concepts, highlighting the bushcraft skills which he has found valuable in a career of wilderness expeditions and which you can benefit from learning then applying wherever you choose to have your adventures.

Will Lord - Between the Teeth and Under the Fingernails of the Hunter Gatherer

Main Stage - Sunday 27th May

Join us for an engaging and invigorating presentation as Will delivers a talk about the intricacy of some exploratory techniques as an Ancient Technology Expert. He shares examples of techniques and tools he has used and created including an understand of the successes and failures along the way.

Lofty Wiseman – Danger Awareness for Survival

Main Stage - Saturday 26th May

John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman should need no introduction in the world of bushcraft & survival. He served with 22 SAS for over 26 years, rising to the rank of Sergeant-Major and ran the SAS selection course and the Survival School, ensuring that the standards for the SAS remained high. After he retired, he wrote The SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea. First published in 1986, selling over 2 million copies, it has been translated into 18 different languages and adapted for the Collins Pocket Guide – The SAS Guide, which sells hundreds of thousands each year and as an iPhone App.

Lofty will be talking about his life after the military, setting up his survival school, the TV programmes he was involved in and how the SAS Survival Handbook was born. You will be captivated with Lofty’s survival stories told in his usual humorous style at The Bushcraft Show 2017. This will be followed by a book signing session.

Dave Canterbury

Main Stage - Saturday 26th and Monday 28th May

Author of the best selling ‘Bushcraft 101’ and many other bushcraft and survival books, Dave Canterbury joins us once again to share his expert knowledge and experience through two main stage talks.  These will focus on ‘no map navigation techniques’ and ‘the 5 tool rule’.
Dave is the founder of, and an instructor at, the Pathfinder School and former co-host of Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival.

Jason Ingamells - Tracking the worlds animals, and what it can teach us about the true story of conservation- and people!

Main Stage - Monday 28th May

Jason’s talks are always a highlight of the show with informed discussion and his ability to politely challenge perceptions. Join Jason this year to discover some of his personal insights into animal observations in a variety of contexts across the globe. What’s it like to take a lion kill away from its benefactors or to lead groups in potentially dangerous environments or to tell a Maasai that his assumption of killing a Leopard may be misinformed… and what’s it like to pull the trigger on an animal that you adore? Drawing on his vast Bushcraft knowledge in various environments, Jason will share his personal stories of his travels, how he uses his Bushcraft knowledge to traverse safely and comfortably in the wilderness, and how he interprets some tough conservation messages.


Dr Sarita Robinson - How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Main Stage - Sunday 27th May

Dr Sarita Robinson is one of the world’s leading academic researchers in the area of survival psychology and so is often referred to as Doctor Survival! Survival psychology focuses on how people respond in disaster situations – everything from a terrorist attack to a ship sinking. Sarita is keen not to rely on dusty books to inform her academic research and so has undertaken some hands-on survival training. This means Sarita has had some hair-raising adventures, including completing training in Helicopter Underwater Escape, Fire-Fighting and Coastal Survival.

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

How would you react if you found yourself in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse? Are you the type of person who would grab a pitch fork and fight for your life? Or would you curl up under a blanket and pretend it wasn’t happening? Sarita Robinson has researched survival psychology for over 15 years and will be applying her academic knowledge to the serious topic of how psychological preparation can help us to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. So come along and learn some psychological interventions that can stop you and your family from becoming a zombie’s next meal.

Pablo - Tracks and Signs Interpretation

Main Stage - Saturday 26th May

Pablo explores advanced tracking techniques with this fascinating and highly inteactive main stage talk on how to interpret tracks and signs.  By the end of the talk, you will be able to answer fundamental and advanced questions about tracking scenes – even to the extent of knowing how animals were feeling at the time.

Pablo’s Woodlife Trails school runs tracking courses in Hatfield Forest, Essex courtesy of the National Trust.

Fraser Christian – Coastal Survival: what it really takes to live well in the richest and most abundant of all survival zones as a modern-day hunter gatherer.

Main Stage – Sunday 27th May @4.30pm

Fraser Christian is someone you should really listen to.  He is one of those very few people who practises what he preaches, in this case living completely off grid spread between the coast and a remote wild woodland.  He doesn’t just teach it, he lives it!

Fraser is a fully qualified skipper, fisherman and chef, amongst other things, with an instinctive understanding of, and respect for, both nature and the elements.  He has led and instructed the popular River Cottage ‘Catch and Cook’ and ‘Fish Skills’ courses, has been published in many magazines and is the author of ‘Eat The Beach’ and ‘Coast Hunter’.

As opposed to a traditional Main Stage, Fraser will give a cookery demonstration in which he will focus on how to the modern-day hunter gatherer can produce top quality meals.  No doubt, Fraser will share his vast experience and expertise to lead you into becoming a gastronomic expert using the seashore as your larder. Do not miss it!

Fraser Christian is the founder and pioneer of Coastal Survival.  www.coastalsurvival.com

Paul Kirtley – Real World Expeditioning with Bushcraft Skills

Sunday 27th May 2018 – 3.00pm

Paul Kirtley links the development of bushcraft skills to journeying in the past and explains their relevance in the modern expeditioning in wild places. Join Paul for his Main Stage talk as he explores and expands on various concepts and highlights the skills that he has found most valuable.

Barn the Spoon

Main Stage - Sat, Sun and Mon

Barn has been a woodwork obsessive for over 20 years but decided eight years ago that spoons were his thing so dedicated his life to them. Each spoon is a joyous celebration of functional sculpture. In recent years Barn has spent more time sharing his passion through teaching at The Green Wood Guild.

You can see Barn on the Main Stage each morning where his talks and demonstration of techniques will be supported by live video feed.  These will focus on sloyd knives, spoon knives and decorating spoons.

Les Brett

Main Stage - Saturday 26th May

Les Brett is the founder of the Dung Beetle Bush School and is a former member of South Africa’s Special Forces and Police Service from which his operational services led him to leading, advising and training highly skilled anti-poaching teams in the struggle against wild game poachers and exotic animal smugglers.

Join him as he talks about his experiences of bushcraft, survival, tracking, conservation and the fight against wild game and rhino poaching.

Toni Murch – Treating Casualties in Emergency Situations

Main Stage - Monday 28th May

Toni has 28 years’ experience in front line emergency medicine both with military service and civilian life. He has worked in some of the remotest and most hostile parts of the world including North Africa (Sahara), South Africa , Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Norway to name a few. This has enabled him to develop a wealth of knowledge in treating casualties in differing environments and he is considered in the medical community as the expert on haemorrhage control.  He currently works for CeloxTM who are renowned for their innovative, reliable lifesaving medical products for treating the most severe trauma injuries.

We are delighted to have Toni at The Bushcraft Show where he will give a Main Stage talk about treating casualties in emergency situations.

Daniel Hume - The Art of Fire

Monday 10am – 10.45am

Born in rural Suffolk in 1989, Daniel Hume is a naturalist and author, and an authority on traditional bush skills from around the world. One of his deepest interests throughout his life has been the art of making and using fire and, as a youngster, he set out to learn every method used to conjure it. In more recent years he has made it his mission to travel the world, often to the most remote corners, to meet people who still directly interact with fire from a traditional sense and learn from their wisdom. This combination has enabled him to master some of the most extraordinary native fire-making techniques from across the globe and gain a unique insight into what fire means to the human race. Daniel was an instructor at Ray Mears’ Woodlore School of Wilderness Bushcraft for eleven years, and from 2011 to 2017 he served as the company’s Head of Operations.

‘The Art Of Fire’ is Daniel Hume’s first book and in this Main Stage talk he will take you through his path, journey and process that led him to write the book.

Ben Abbott - Bushcraft; what can it do for you?

Main Stage - Saturday 5:10 – 5:40pm

Ben is a fifteen-year-old who loves bushcraft and all things outdoors. Ben’s Bushcraft journey started when he was four and attended a Ray Mears’ family course. This sparked a passion in Ben for the outdoors. Since then, Ben has enjoyed attending the Bushcraft show each year, and is always trying to expand his bushcraft skills and knowledge through books, trial and (much) error and by attending courses. He is a very popular contributor to Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine.

Ben says “I haven’t wrestled crocodiles, and I have never swum the Nile! I am a teenager who has been captivated by Bushcraft from a young age. I have experienced some of the benefits which Bushcraft has to offer; there are some things that Bushcraft has done for me that would otherwise have been impossible, such as writing for the Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine. I would love to share some of these benefits with you and explore ‘what bushcraft has to offer’. Bushcraft can contribute so much to our lives, from a deep appreciation of one’s surroundings, to being part of a generous community, all the way to the resilience and perseverance we build as we practice our skills. Ben aims to share these experiences with you and answer any questions you might have and especially if you are new to bushcraft or want to find out how you can learn as much as possible without going broke!”