Ed Stafford

Main Stage - Saturday 26th May 2018 @ 3pm

Luke Soderling - We are Much Stronger than we Think

Main Stage - Sunday 27th May 2018

In 2017 Luke was selected as a survivalist on the Discovery Channel’s new show, “The Wheel”. Luke survived alone in 6 locations in South America for over 60 days. With ingenuity, hard work and determination he excelled in the wild, building complex shelters with the materials available and hunting and fishing for survival. His drive and determination in wilderness survival is only overshadowed by the grit and determination he showed as he beating stage III thyroid cancer in 2013.

Luke Soderling is an experienced public speaker, with a dynamic and engaging style. This is a talk not to be missed!

Paul Kirtley - Real World Expeditioning with Bushcraft Skills

Main Stage - Sunday 27th May 2018

Much of what we consider bushcraft today was tied to journeying in the past, whether it was seasonal migrations of native peoples, frontiersmen pushing into new territories or colonial powers employing expeditionary forces. Despite all the technology and materials available today, bushcraft still has a solid place in modern expeditioning in wild places. From lightweight backpacking to canoe tripping to winter camping by snowshoe and toboggan, bushcraft forms a solid backbone of practical skills for pretty much any environment you can think of. Further, there are psychological benefits of entering wild places with a strong base of bushcraft skills honed close to home. In his 2018 main stage presentation, Paul Kirtley explores and expands upon these concepts, highlighting the bushcraft skills which he has found valuable in a career of wilderness expeditions and which you can benefit from learning then applying wherever you choose to have your adventures.

Will Lord - Ancient Technology Expert

Join us for an engaging and invigorating presentation as Will delivers a concise yet dynamic history of human footsteps across our land, Great Britain. Covering famous footprints of mankind upon our soil, the talk enhances our comprehension of the species, their geographical movements and behavioural orientations.

He shares his own personal history and how he as an individual connected to a wonderful and unique landscape known as the Breckland’s. His own history will be anchored by a reflection of his childhood and upbringing at Grimes Graves and the 30 years that have passed since the family left this extraordinary place. He relates his deep connection with the landscape of Grimes Graves and Breckland whilst aiding our understanding of how the sense of belonging to a land can be a rich and fulfilling life experience.

Lofty Wiseman – Danger Awareness for Survival

Main Stage - Saturday 26th May 2018

John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman should need no introduction in the world of bushcraft & survival. He served with 22 SAS for over 26 years, rising to the rank of Sergeant-Major and ran the SAS selection course and the Survival School, ensuring that the standards for the SAS remained high. After he retired, he wrote The SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea. First published in 1986, selling over 2 million copies, it has been translated into 18 different languages and adapted for the Collins Pocket Guide – The SAS Guide, which sells hundreds of thousands each year and as an iPhone App.

Lofty will be talking about his life after the military, setting up his survival school, the TV programmes he was involved in and how the SAS Survival Handbook was born. You will be captivated with Lofty’s survival stories told in his usual humorous style at The Bushcraft Show 2017. This will be followed by a book signing session.