Woodland Craft Zone

The Woodland Craft Zone is sponsored by Morakniv and is a hive creativity ranging from carving to willow weaving, tools and expert advert, activities and demonstrations.

Hand Carve a Wooden Pendant

With Giles Newman

Learn to hand carve unique wooden pendants, develop knife handling skills and master decorative, detail carving techniques with just one knife. The only limit is your imagination. Tools, templates, necklace cord, fixings and a wide range of part-carved pendant blanks will be provided.

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Discover the Art of Spoon Carving

With Giles Newman

Equipped with just two knives, learn how to create beautiful and functional hand carved wooden spoons from freely available, sustainably sourced wood without the need for power tools. Through expert demonstrations and supported practical work, develop your wood carving and whittling skills, learn to read the wood and design and carve your own unique spoon that is not only useful but artful as well. Tools and a range of part-carved spoon blanks to suit all levels of experience will be provided.

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Morakniv Challenge

With Morakniv

Try the Morakniv Challenge and you may even win prizes from Morakniv. There are drop-in wood carving sessions, see their range of products, meet and greet their ambassadors.

Meet the Morakniv Ambassadors at The Bushcraft Show


Dave Canterbury

Dave Canterbury has more than 20 years of experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He’s the founder of the popular Pathfinder School where he holds courses teaching basic skills that are invaluable if you suddenly find yourself alone in nature.

His books have been on the New York Times best-seller lists and he’s had his own TV series on the Discovery Channel. There’s no doubt that Dave knows how to survive in the wilderness – and loves to share his knowledge.

With Dave’s massive knowledge and long experience in bushcraft and survival skills, he knows what a really good knife should be. Combined with our knowledge of knife making, all the conditions are right for creating the ultimate survival knife.

Dave knows exactly how important a reliable knife is. When your outdoor adventure becomes a question of life or death, a knife can be the only help at hand. He prefers a full tang knife; it’s the best alternative when it comes to the strength of the knife. It can deal with the toughest of tasks, without compromising on size, he believes.

Stop by the Morakniv booth and have a chat with Dave or listen in to one of his clinics that he will have in the Morakniv stand. Dave will have daily clinics in the Morakniv booth at Saturday, Sunday, and Sunday at 13.00

Barnaby Carder

Barn has been at the forefront of the Spoon carving and wider Wood Culture Renaissance we see emerging today, his work and teachings popularising Real Craft are highly regarded in the UK and abroad.

Spending several years living in the woods, barn honed his skills making ends meet by carving thousands of spoons. This lead Barn onto running a successful high street shop in London for 5 years, creating Spoonfest the first International spoon carving festival, and setting up The green wood Guild London’s centre for Green Woodwork.


With his new book “Spon” barn shows the world how diverse and beautiful spoons can be.


“Peeling shavings with a razor sharp knife it becomes a meditation. Homing in on a form, focussed on the sharp edge curling shavings away to create the perfect functional sculpture- that’s what it’s all about”
Each design is informed by its function at the table or in the kitchen, and the key skills you will learn – such as creating octagonal handles, manipulating grain patterns and mastering bent branches. Beautiful photography will inspire and act as a blue-print to help perfect your technique.

Don’t miss the chance to meet Barn at the Bushcraft Show. Being a regional ambassador for Morakniv Barn will be joining Team Morakniv in their booth at the Bushcraft Show. Check out the schedule and stop by and see his demonstration of how to carve a spoon or in the Morakniv booth (first come first serve) you can sign up for one of his work shops where you can learn how to make a cooking spatula or maybe a butter knife.

Barn will also be happy to talk about his book.


Dave Canterbury Clinic

With Morakniv

Meet and greet Dave Canterbury and talk about the Morakniv products he has helped design and influence.

Make Your Own Cooking Spatula Workshop with Barn the Spoon

Make Your Own Cooking Spatula Workshop with Barn the Spoon *

*Registration required – sign up for the class at the Morakniv booth. First come, first served basis.


Children's Spoon Carving Workshop

With Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine

Kids love carving! Each year at the show tens of children come and learn and develop their carving skills walking away with a spoon that they are proud to have crafted. From a part prepared blank ‘you’ can create a useable functional spoon to take away with you.  You must book a place on the link below.

Places are limited so book early, children must be 8+.

Book here.


Green Woodworking Demonstration

By Ben Orford

Ben Orford will show you how to take the raw material and with the use of hand tools transform it into a functional and useful product. Ben will show you some techniques to help you get great results and be safe along the way.


Step-by-step Sharpening Demonstration

by Mark Hordon

Come and see Mark Hordon take you through an array of sharpening techniques, looking at each stage to achieve the best results. Bring along your own knife for great tips and advice on how-to to restore your knife’s blade to be better than new! Demonstrations are running daily from 11am.

Furniture Making Demonstration

by Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor, of Neil Taylor Furniture, will be demonstrating the creation of his wonderful furniture using the tools of his trade. He uses native Herefordshire hardwoods such as oak and ash for the seats and components and produces primitive style chairs with a contemporary feel. You can also see examples of his furniture. These can be purchased and commissions taken. He has received many commissions for his Welsh Stick furniture.