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The Kamoto portable OpenFire Pit is the perfect solution for your bushcraft getaways, particularly in areas where open fires are not permitted. At Beehive Farm Woodland Lakes, The Bushcraft Show is very fortunate to be allowed open fires, on a leave no trace basis. The Kamoto OpenFire Pit has been designed with this leave no trace ethos in mind, particularly as the word Kamoto is the Swahili word for small fire. The OpenFire Pit gives you the open fire feel as the logs and embers can be seen, whilst encouraging leave no trace. Additionally, the OpenFire Pit doubles as a grill or should you prefer, Primus have manufactured an OpenFire Pan, which can be interchanged. The OpenFire Pit is surprisingly lightweight to carry (15.4lbs) and is incredibly simple to assemble. It is constructed from stainless and powder-coated steel which prevents it from rusting. The OpenFire Pit comes flat packed and assembly is straightforward. You simply remove the grill rack, fold out the bottom tray (which works as the ground support and protects the ground from heat damage) then fold out the legs – ensuring that they are locked in place. Inside the Kamoto there are two side plates and one bottom plate. Firstly, the bottom plate is placed in the middle of the housing, followed by the two side plates. You are then set to make your fire! Cook over the open fire, using the grill grate by placing it on top when your fire is ready. The Kamoto can be folded up and easily transported. ready for your next bushcraft adventure. Available in two sizes.   T&C's
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