The Bushcraft Show offers a huge number of opportunities to get hands-on. A large number of activities are free of charge to ticket holders, and we aim to keep any paid activities reasonably priced. We’re still working on the line-up for 2019, but here’s a small selection of what you can expect:

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is surprisingly addictive and easy to pick up, come a long and try you hand at this great fun outdoors pastime.

£3 a go


Come a long and try your hand at this age-old skill. Expert tuition will be on hand for juniors and adults alike. You are welcome to bring your own bow if you like. Shooting traditional recurve, longbows and children’s bows.

£3 for 12 arrows

Firelighting by Friction

If you’ve ever wanted to learn this technique which remains elusive to most, come and see how easy it is with the bow-drill technique.

Woodland Shelter Building

Most wilderness environments will have debris in the form of dead leaves and branches. This dead material can be used to build a debris shelter, which makes an ideal small short-term shelter that is well insulated and could keep you warm in temperatures well below freezing. With additional work the debris shelter can last for many years. Using the material found around you, why not have a go at making your own woodland shelter.

Wild Swimming

At The Bushcraft Show

Make sure you bring your swimming gear and a towel to The Bushcraft Show, to have fun in one of our three lakes and enjoy some wild swimming.

Air Rifle Shooting

Try your hand at Rifle Shooting with Unlimited Events at The Bushcraft Show.

£3 pay and play

Sling Shot

Try your hand at using a Sling Shot with Unlimited Events at The Bushcraft Show.