Faversham Fudge

Faversham Fudge are pleased to attend The Bushcraft Show again this year to service all the great clients from last year along with new visitors that will enjoy a marvellous time, learning skills to look after themselves in the natural world. To this end, besides the fudge, we will demonstrate, fire lighting, make tea with a Gillie Kettle, Spoon carving using a shaving horse, plus the sale of items that a bushman may well use.

Bluebell Dairy

Bluebell Dairy is all homemade and handcrafted with great care and attention from the finest ingredients by Oliver Brown. We use only our own fresh milk which travels less than 20 metres from the milking parlour. The cows all graze on the fields surrounding Bluebells and are looked after and milked by Geoff Brown.


Brilliant British potatoes baked to perfection in a traditional Victorian Oven. They offer a variety of tasty toppings for everyone including all you veggies out there. It’s a healthy hearty meal to satisfy hungry campers and visitors.

Jacket Potato + 1 filling £3.50
Jacket Potato + 2 fillings £4.00
Child’s Portion (1/2 Potato + 1 filling) £2.00

Filling Options: Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Coleslaw, Tuna Mayo, Sweetcorn, Baked Beans, Chilli Con Carne, Minced Beef & Onion, Veggie Option

French Connection

French Connection caterers serve sweet and savoury crepes, including a variety of vegetarian options too. We also serve hot bacon and sausage baguettes, all with tasty extras and a wide range of cold filled baguettes. Our freshly cooked food is complimented by a selection of hot and cold drinks and a variety of homemade cakes.



Savoury                                3.80                Extra’s                                    30p

Tuna Mayonnaise                                      Chopped Tomato

Grated Cheddar Cheese                             Grated Cheese

Lean Chopped Ham                                    Diced Onion


Tasty Garlic Mushrooms

Sweet                                   3.80

An Old British Favourite – Traditional Lemon & Sugar

Maple Syrup

Lots of Chocolate Sauce

Juicy Chopped Apple

Sliced Banana with a Sprinkling of Castor Sugar


Sweet Combinations – Why Not Treat Yourself               4.00

Juicy Chopped Apple & Sultanas

Apple with a Dusting of Cinnamon

Sliced Banana & Drizzled with Chocolate

Alcoholic – Extra Special                                                  4.20


French Brandy

Confectionery and Snacks                                       From 80p

Mars, Kit Kat, Snickers, Polo’s, Chewing Gum and Crisps

Steak Burger in a Bap                                         3.80


Jumbo Baguettes:                                        

Hot Fillings                                                4.20           Extra’s                                    30p

Lean rashers of Bacon                                             Sliced Tomato

Tasty Sausages                                                          Fried Egg

Diced Onion

Fresh Mushrooms

Grated Cheddar Cheese


Cold Fillings                                              4.20          Extra’s                                    30p

Turkey Breast                                                              Salad, consisting of

Roast Ham                                                                   lettuce, cucumber & tomato

Grated Cheddar Cheese

Tuna Mayonnaise

Egg Mayonnaise

Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn                4.50

Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberry Sauce

Coronation Chicken

Chicken Tikka

Homemade Cakes                                     1.80

Traditional Oaty Flapjack, Buttery Shortbread, Chocolate Brownies and Banana Loaf

Drinks                                                   From 1.00





Hot Chocolate



Chilled Apple or Orange juice

A selection of Cold Canned Drinks

Bottles of Still Water

Bouverie Lodge Bison Farm

Here at Bouverie Lodge in Leicestershire, we rear all our own Bison & Deer, and have a herd of about 200 of each.  At this show we are cooking our wonderful burgers (ALL GLUTEN FREE) and in the evenings we will be serving Bison Chilli and Venison Stew.  A tase of something different, wholesome, healthy, nutricious and above all delicious.


Bison or Venison Burgers with either Sparkenhoe Red Leics or Cropwell Bishop Stilton £5.00

Bison Chilli served with a wedge of fresh bread  £5.00

Hearty Venison Stew  £5.00


Bacon or Grasmere Farm Pork Sausage Cobs  £2.50

With egg £3.00


Yorkshire Tea £1.50

Kenco Coffee £1.50

Cappuccino £2.00

Aero Hot Chocolate £2.00

Cans £1.00

Squash 50p

Slices of homemade cake from £1.50

All burgers are gluten free.

BBQ4U & Hog Roasts - Graham Eyes High Class Butcher

bbq4u was founded and is run by a high class butcher. With over 30 years experience, Graham and his team know everything there is to know about catering giving our customers peace of mind as well as mind blowing food. The sight of a perfectly roasted hog giving off a mouth-watering aroma is an important aspect of any event. Our Free Range hog roast barm cakes are the best in the land.

Oregano Kitchen Pizza Alfresco

Oregano Kitchen is a mobile, artisan wood-fired pizza company.

Our Neapolitan style pizzas are handmade and made to order by us while you wait, from only the finest and freshest ingredients.

For the perfect Italian taste, a pizza has to be cooked in a wood fired oven – providing a unique and delicious flavour. Cooked in a few minutes at 400C in our custom built clay oven.

We have Vegan, Veggie, and Gluten-Free options available.

  • Full English Breakfast Pizza    £6 with Sausage, Bacon and Egg  (served until 12:00pm)


  • Classic Margherita  V         £6        with Fresh Basil & Mozzarella      Veggie/Vegan option
  • Garlic Mushrooms  V          £7                                                                    Veggie/Vegan option
  • Pepperoni                              £7
  • Sweet Chilli Chicken            £8
  • BBQ Chicken                         £8                                            Not suitable for Gluten Intolerant
  • Meat Feast                             £9       with Pepperoni, Chorizo & Salami
  • Chorizo & Smoked Cheese  £9       finished with Rocket & Balsamic glaze

All pizza can be made Gluten-Free (Except BBQ Chicken)  or with Vegan cheese – which is also suitable for Dairy/Lactose Intolerances

Please check for our daily specials.


Camperccino Ltd

Camperccino Ltd is a family business catering for shows and events.  We provide a mobile barista coffee service, tea, hot chocolates and soft drinks.

We are coffee lovers and understand the importance a high quality beverage can make.  We use a 100% Columbian Arabica coffee bean sourced and roasted by a local company.  If coffee is not your drink try our tea. It’s a Ceylon blend and is provided by a specialist company in Yorkshire.


Food with Provenance We are farmers, butchers, and pie makers. We believe in food with provenance – a known origin and history – and is good for both you and the environment.

Bean Pedaling

When it comes to quality, Bean Pedaling provides a variety of delicious coffees and hot drinks with rich textures and flavours. When it comes to atmosphere, Bean Pedaling has the gentleman’s vintage experience that compliments lots of different festivals and events. Lets face it, hundreds of people love coffee. Many of us are seeking something nostalgic to remind of us good times and yesteryear and Bean Pedaling coffee cart is the perfect setting.

Tollgate Brewery

Tollgate Brewery is a craft brewery operating on the National Trust’s Calke Abbey Estate in South Derbyshire. In 18th century converted farm buildings we brew a range of beers and ale in the traditional manner – by hand, using the finest ingredients and with love.

In our 6 Barrel capacity plant we use English malts and hops from around the world to produce beers with real flavour but with a light touch. We use water, barley, wheat and yeast and nothing else, other than a great deal of care and attention, to create our beers.

We love brewing beer and we hope you enjoy drinking it, Responsibly.

Septimus Spyder Drinks

We are a medieval brewhouse producing a range of soft drinks brewed from plants which include; Ginger Beer, Dandelion and Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Root Beer and Cream Soda.

Fudge's Traditional Applejack

Applejack, almost as ancient as cider itself! Throughout history, cider makers would leave a barrel of cider out for ‘Jack Frost’ to freeze and remove the ice, leaving, for some reason, strong liquor behind. The process became known as ‘jacking’ and was how strong liquor was made before we discovered distillation. The product became known as ‘Applejack’.