Bushcraft Bairns

Face Painting

Come along and be turned into a jaguar, tiger, butterfly, snake, spider or another wild creature and have your face painted at The Bushcraft Show (free of charge).

Firesteel Firelighting

Have-a-go at lighting a fire with a firesteel. This simple technique is a perfect introduction to the world of fire-lighting and is always extremely popular with children!

Paracord Crafts

Learn how to make paracord bracelets and key-fobs. Braiding paracord is great fun, and is an attractive way to always have a length of cord on you!

Children's Spoon Carving Workshop

Kids love carving! Each year at the show tens of children come and learn and develop their carving skills walking away with a spoon that they are proud to have crafted. From a part prepared blank ‘you’ can create a useable functional spoon to take away with you. The class must be booked and costs a nominal £1.50. Tickets will be available soon in the ‘specialist instruction’ section.

Woodland Shelter Building

Most wilderness environments will have debris in the form of dead leaves and branches. This dead material can be used to build a debris shelter, which makes an ideal small short-term shelter that is well insulated and could keep you warm in temperatures well below freezing. With additional work the debris shelter can last for many years. Using the material found around you, why not have a go at making your own woodland shelter.

Children's Knife Safety Skills Workshop

There will be a daily class introducing children to safe knife handling and basic use. Details to follow.