Blacksmithing and Metalworking

Watch as skilled blacksmiths transform steel bar into intricate objects and bronze-casters pour molten metal into simple moulds to produce beautiful tools and ornaments. As well as a number of free demonstrations, there is the opportunity to have a go yourself. See ‘specialist instruction’ for further details.


Learn traditional leatherworking methods for making beautiful and practical objects. A number of expert leatherworkers are coming to The Bushcraft Show 2019 and will be showcasing their skills. Details to follow.

Tracking and Fieldcraft

With Woodlife Trails

Go to the Woodlife Trails stand and listen to Pablo’s dynamic talk and demo about the comparison between animal’s and human’s senses. Learn how-to translate this knowledge into field-craft skills so you can remain undetected when tracking and stalking the quarry in the British woodland.


Every year we welcome a number of seriously talented green-woodworkers to demonstrate skills ranging from axing out a spoon blank to carving bowls on a traditional pole lathe. The Bushcraft Show offers a fantastic opportunity to hone both your tools and your skills.

Fire-Lighting Skills

Observe ancient and modern methods of fire-lighting. Across the weekend there will be numerous demonstrations in which you can learn about different ways to start a fire. From friction to air-compression you’ll learn ways of generating a burning ember, and you can combine this knowledge with top tips in tinder selection to ensure you can make a nic hot cuppa in any environment.

Tool Sharpening

Discover the techniques for keeping your tools razor sharp and in tip-top shape. Over the weekend there will be expert demonstrations of different sharpening methods, covering knives, axes and more unusual tools like spoon hooks.

Cordage Making

Learn how to make strong cordage from natural materials. You’ll discover the species which have suitable properties for crafting strong fastenings and be walked through the processes and skills needed in which to twist and braid your way to success in this area.

Safe Tool Use

Become competent in the skills and techniques for safe tool use. Over the course of the weekend, there will be a number of demonstrations covering both basic and more advanced usage of common tools such as knives, axes and saws. Learn how to choose the right tool for the job, how to handle it safely, and how to use it effectively.

First Aid

Bushcraft and survival skills can make accidents less likely, but the chance of someone getting hurt can never be entirely eliminated. Learn first-aid skills in which to respond appropriately when disaster strikes.