Expert Speakers

Fraser Christian - Making Your Home in the Wild - Understanding the Human Animal

Sunday 26th May 2019
The story of a personal journey of understanding – through learning to live off land and sea and how the other animals can teach us all we need to sustainably survive in the wild and make our home.
Fraser Christian, known to many for pioneering and founding Coastal Survival, has spent the last 10 years practicing what he teaches and living for many years offgrid in a tiny homemade shelter and ‘learning again’ how to live and eat well from the land and sea. Fraser’s moto is “I will always be a student of the wild, she is the only master”.

Olivia Beardsmore - Survival Mindset

Saturday 25th May 2019

Olivia Beardsmore is an Internationally qualified, empowerment and fire walking instructor. With thirteen years of involvement in the bushcraft and survival community, running the world’s leading Bushcraft Magazine together with The Bushcraft Show, she has seen exponential growth. More and more people are learning bushcraft and survival skills, either as a hobby or on account of growing recognition and awareness of the value of these skills. However, in a survival situation Olivia asks; “Are learning these skills and gaining the knowledge enough?”

Olivia will not only be talking about survival mindset but, with audience participation, she will be demonstrating survival mindset.

Olivia has been in a number of survival situations both personally and professionally and is passionate about teaching mindset in a practical way to pattern interrupt the parts of the brain responsible for fear. Amongst other things you will witness, or maybe participate in a walk across broken glass, bend a steel reinforcing bar with the soft part of the neck and break a flaming concrete slab with bare hands.

Torbjörn Selin - 10 Points of Survival

Sunday 26th May 2019

Torbjörn Selin is the head instructor, founder and owner of All in Nature SWEDEN.

Torbjörn was raised in the countryside and has spent much of his life in the outdoors. He taught survival skills for over 20-years and is an instructor for the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Survival Society. For 14-years he was an officer in the army, and since leaving, has worked continually to develop his skillset through literature, courses and expeditions.

He has spent all his working life educating people in the outdoors environment in all circumstances and finds true joy in sharing knowledge in a simple and clear format, combined with humour and warmth. He enjoys learning from his course attendees as well as pushing them so they can achieve the best results.

At The Bushcraft Show, Torbjörn will talk about how a survivor thinks, how to avoid and manage a survival situation, how to prepare for an expedition, along with many more survival points that could save your life. There will be the opportunity to ask Torbjörn questions based on his vast experience.